Events and the Buildings

The buildings on the land do not compete or get in the way of the red rock beauty. The buildings are placed  gracefully on the land, allowing each to function independently, as a working ranch.  The Ranch was  built in size and scope to accommodate a family, host Community Gatherings from small weddings to  large 600 person galas and to welcome visitors from around the world to experience our Western Heritage comfortably and safely.  The Ranch fits Sedona’s needs perfectly.


A letter from a visitor to the Ranch said: “I was a pilot in the U.S. Airforce and and I flew a plane to South America, Africa, to Egypt to India and also China but I have never seen a place as attractive as your ranch and the surrounding area. I want other people to enjoy your ranch.Another writes, “The El Rojo Grande Ranch land that we rode through was beautiful and the National Forest trails you’ve developed are both challenging and spectacular. It is our fervent desire that someday soon they will be enjoyed by many. I believe El Rojo Grande Ranch to be a world class ranch and riding academy. Everything about El Rojo Grande Ranch is first class from facility to the horses and the staff.  El Rojo Grande Ranch has allowed me, a 56 year old man who had a mistrust of horses to a point where I was uncomfortable on the same side of the fence with them, to become a confident enough to develop a spirited interest in horses and trail riding.  We have no doubt horses will be a part of our recreation together and for this, we will be forever grateful to you both for having your dreams and developing El Rojo Grande.”