The Visions for EL Rojo Grande’s Future

I invite you, the readers, to contribute ideas on how the Ranch could be used to enhance the future of Sedona. Your letters will be posted below our sign as a possible inspiration for others. Send your emails to

Just before going live, we received this first Vision for El Rojo Grande Ranch Presenting : Sedona International Environmental Center (SIEC)   ERG #1. Click on link below and then please check out this link for more information about the Overview Effect.  Here is the link to the idea. SEDONA INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER Concept

ERG #2 Idea for ERG future

ERG #3Ardell Horses – A Vision for El Rojo Grande 

ERG #4    Thank you to Julie Genser for these 3  submissions.

WILDLIFE CROSSING.     We can leave the land undisturbed and create a wildlife crossing under/over 89A.

We can be pioneers in transforming desert back into fertile land, fighting climate change. We can then create a permaculture oasis + food forest for our community.
We can build a housing community that models passive solar architecture, non-toxic building materials, low EMFs, chemical-free community, mold preventive building design. It will be a walking community with a parking lot at one end for all cars and members will walk around the community. With a shared greenhouse and permaculture food forest. And some of the land set aside for rescue animals and wildlife.

#5. My dream……If I had the money, and could have the property, I would have an organic produce farm and animal sanctuary for unwanted cats, dogs and horses etc, and I would build a nice building on the property where I could give homeless people the opportunity to live in exchange for their work taking care of the farm and the animals until they could learn skills that could help them to move onward and upward. The produce and products made with it, like jams etc could be sold at an on-site farmer’s market and the animals could be safe and up for adoption, and the homeless people could be productive and get rehab, learn skills and change their lives. I keep buying lottery tickets, but so far…it’s just a dream I would love to see become a reality.   Marilyn

#6.   Vision ideas:

El Rojo Grande Ranch is a spectacular spot to be shared and appreciated.

1- Whatever evolves there must be funding for creation and especially ongoing to maintain it.
2- The land should be kept as wild as possible with development near current structures perhaps with trails for fun/educational purposes
3- Something educational and fun for both adults and children
4- A venue where there can be lectures, conferences and small performances
5- Identify some deep pockets who support the cause be it climate change, conflict resolution, sustainable living, native culture,  etc.
6- A venue that is not housing
Good luck- MIke Coyle

Thank you to everyone that made this website happen, it seems just like “over night!” that this out-reach began. Please share with your family, friends, and Sedona’s visitors from around the world. Make a difference. How often do we ever get to save a place?

ERGS Website Born: 10/21/18 11am EST