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For continuing information on El Rojo Grande Ranch, please follow this FB Page and the website www.elrojograndesedona.com for our plans and dreams. Hard facts, community support, news articles and photographs of the Ranch and the “special set of skills” it took to end up a winner.

Congratulations to everyone that helped, especially the Sierra Club – for the ever lasting support and hard work. BRIAN MYERS – YOU ROCK!

“Many of those who spoke against the development were part of a very organized effort — which was praised by Commission Chairman Jim Stewart. They were broken into 13 groups, each representing a concern of those opposed. Each speaker identified themselves as well as a corresponding letter and number to information of graphics located in a binder presented to the commissioners.”
So proud!


WE DID IT!!!!!!! To all the doubters , democracy is NOT dead ! We have NO WORDS to express our gratitude to this community and EVERYONE who wrote letters, made phone calls, spread the word, took time out of their lives to make this important! YOU ALL DID IT!!!  We could not be more proud of this community! Many said it couldn’t be done. So, just remember… NEVER GIVE UP! Our campaign was a thing of beauty… so much hard work! Worth EVERY SLEEPLESS NIGHT! Thank you, grateful, there are no words to express our thanks to ALL OF YOU! Go celebrate! You did it! El Rojo Grande Ranch can rest easy for now❤️❤️❤️❤️ Feel free to spread the word!!! This community ROCKS! Congratulations🎉🎉🎉🎉💕❤️👏👏👏   PLEASE VISIT www.facebook.com/saveelrojogranderanch/

Dear Friends and Fans of El Rojo Grande Ranch !

It is great delight and admiration for the job well done that I can reach out to you all today with this good news! At approximately 11 am EST, I received a phone call from one of our colleagues announcing the news. The email was sent to us by Tammy DeWitt from Yavapai County asking us to spread the news of the ELS withdrawal of their rezoning application. So today we celebrate, we toast to El Rojo Grande Ranch maybe some day becoming the home of fine horses once again.  Enjoy the win, know that speaking up, standing up and showing up can lead to getting what is best for the communities you live in.

“Don’t give up on anything that matters!” – it’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of something so important as saving a riparian corridor and the wildlife of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna.

Thank you all!!

From: Tammy DeWitt <Tammy.DeWitt@yavapai.us>
Subject: ELS Withdrawal
Date: February 5, 2019 at 8:28:54 AM MST
Good Morning,
I just wanted to let you all know that ELS has withdrawn their application for their proposed Zoning Map Change for the El Rojo Grande Ranch.

I hope you can help me get the word out. We will also be sending out a press release.

Sincerely,  Tammy

 Tammy DeWitt, Senior Planner
Yavapai County Development Services
Planning Unit

UPDATED: 2.1.2019

This post is for residents in Clarkdale, Page Springs, Prescott, Cottonwood and Camp Verde Residents! This dense development will affect you.

TODAY’S UPDATE from Yavapai County –the time of the Wednesday February 20th meeting in Cottonwood will be announced asap. It will NOT start at 9am due to other agenda items.


Tammy in Development Services will include all of the emailed and MAILED Statements of Opposition or support that she receives by the THURSDAY
Jan 31st DEADLINE in the “packet” that she delivers to each of the Supervisors. There are 5 Supervisors.

Tammy will still forward all emailed Statements of Opposition that she receives after the Jan 31st deadline to the Supervisors. However, our past experience with the P&Z Commission suggests that those emails will be less likely to get READ by the ENTIRETY of the Board members.

HOWEVER, Tammy will COUNT all of the emails received right up to the date of the Board meeting. On the day of the Wednesday February 20th meeting, she will present to the board updated statistics showing how many Statements of Opposition and how many Statements of Support she has received, as of the date of the Board meeting.

So, it is still important to send in emailed Statements of Opposition right up to the date of the meeting!

Great Idea to get county wide support. Any meetings or email lists that can be tapped will be helpful.

Be sure that you tell ALL the folks from elsewhere to include a sentence or so at the beginning of their letter/ email that they are from Prescott, Cornville, Mayer- elsewhere and why this development will impact them also. This sentence, along with their address at the end of their letter, will help identify them from the greater county.

If we each find 10 new people to write, that will make an impressive jump in numbers of letters. And now we have found out from Tammy that emails, letters must be received by Jan. 31 to be included in the pre hearing packet that the Supervisors receive before the meeting on Feb. 20. Remember though that ALL emails received before Feb. 20 will be counted, but perhaps not read by the Supervisors, so keep on finding new supporters to write.

Gotta work FAST! Remember their Promise!

Next steps for the community:  We have been advised by Yavapai County that they do not wish to receive any more letters from the SAME people. To accommodate their wishes, we suggest that we ask NEW PEOPLE to write letters. Friends, neighbors and colleagues who write in – your letters will make a difference!

NEWS  –  It’s Saturday January 19, the start of a great celebratory weekend! With one win behind us, it’s now important to get up to speed on what’s been done to date. Our local film producer Ron Melmon/ZIPPO Productions has put together a on-line Vimeo site for Save El Rojo Grande Ranch videos called https://vimeopro.com/user7958149/big-red

At the top of the video list is a movie trailer called THE VALLEY. Watching this short film will inspire us on what is the next step….let your imaginations flow, and create a vision. Then share it with us …..what can El Rojo Grande become ? Send your ideas and suggestions to elrojogranderanchinsedona@gmail.com  From the Producer of THE VALLEY: “We made this documentary, THE VALLEY, about a town hoping to inspire other communities to feel unbounded and to believe in all possible outcomes.THE VALLEY proves that when we work together, anything is possible.”

After the decision has been made about El Rojo Grande, join us at the Sedona Premier of THE VALLEY at the Sedona Film Festival on Wednesday 2/27 at 7:00 PM and Saturday 3/2 at 2:00 PM. Check for screening locations in the Red Rock News or on-line. See you at the movies!!!

NEWS of the January 17th, 2019 Meeting in Cottonwood

 The Planning & Zoning Commissioners RECOMMENDED DENIAL of this change of zoning.   —    AN  UNDIVIDED, LIKE-MINDED UNANIMOUS  VOTE OF NO TO REZONING of El Rojo Grande Ranch by the Planning and Zoning Commissioners. Thank you to our P & Z Board of Commissioners, the  ladies and gentlemen that bring their recommendations forward to the Board of Supervisors. Thank you all for listening to the citizens and visitors from around the world that love Sedona and Yavapai County. However, the recommendation of the P & Z Commissioners is not the FINAL say.

WHAT IS NEXT:  Here is how that will go.
This P&Z vote to DENY the REZONING is sent on to the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors. Their vote is JUST a recommendation. But hugely important that P & Z  said NO. We need to continue to send letters, from NEW people objecting to the threat of this development in Sedona. The deadline for new letters will be February 10th.On February 20th, the Board of Supervisors will hear another  FULL PRESENTATION from the developers in Cottonwood tab the same meeting location.  We again will be able to speak our 2 Minute comments , new and all over again, and this time  to convince the YC Board of Supervisors that this project is NOT RIGHT FOR THE RIPARIAN  AREA, FOR EL ROJO GRANDE NOR,  FOR THE ENTRANCE TO SEDONA. AT THE CONCLUSION OF OUR SPEAKING, THE DEVELOPERS WILL HAVE A FINAL CHANCE TO RE-BUTT OUR CONCERNS. THEN,  THE SUPERVISORS WILL VOTE TO SAY YES FOR THE CHANGE THE ZONING OR TO SAY NO to a change of zoning!It is this FEB 20 vote that will actually settle the issue. So we must stay active and involved.

To the many that wrote letters and sent emails – the pen is mightier than the sword!  Thank you to every single person that chipped in, spoke on Face Book, wrote letters to our website – wrote letters to the newspapers – and to the Red Rock News for your help-


How to Help / Meetings page. http://elrojograndesedona.com/how-to-help/

All of us want to thank KSB for hosting the informational meeting!  KSB presents a public update with a question-and-answer session
Thursday, January 10, 4-5:30 PM, Sedona Public Library


To contact this website: elrojogranderanchinsedona@gmail.com 

Please read Important Voices /Letters http://elrojograndesedona.com/important-voices-letters/

Here are the Guidelines and Steps you can take to help prevent the rezoning of the Ranch:  Thank you to every one that wrote a letter to support NO  RE-ZONING  Every opposition email or letter counts.  Content suggestions are listed below. 

Send Emails to: planning@yavapai.us    Include your NAME and ADDRESS (Very important)

Mail Letters to:  Deadline to be included in the Supervisors packet is January 31st, the prior to the meeting on February 20th, we are recommending to send in letters at least by the 10th of February. 
Attn: Planning Dept – Tammy Dewitt
Re: El Rojo Grande Ranch
Yavapai County Development Services
10 South 6th St. 
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
For Suggestions on content of your letters and recommended subjects go to the How To Help / Meetings page. http://elrojograndesedona.com/how-to-help/

Tp learn more about zoning go to the FACTS page http://elrojograndesedona.com/facts/

Photo Credit By John FinchThis is a fascinating view above of the ranch lands that we are discussing. You can see here the hill side development that will necessitate many regulatory provisions for building. The undulation of the lands, the carving out of the river – just to the north of this photograph, a 89A bridge spans the area perhaps 50-100 feet above the Dry Creek – yet the developer plans on El Rojo Grande Ranch two bridges over the riparian areas. One of the bridges will be located at the base of El Rojo not far from the Special Events Park where the developer said they will place the Pool. So the construction and devastation of the river bed will then carry the traffic  traffic in and out of the area. Look at the size of these bridges.

Become an Environmentalist!
The Protection of our Riparian Corridor of Dry Creek, a protected seasonal tributary of Oak Creek, Arizona Waterway is the  environmental goal.

These green ribbons of native flora and fauna are now but a fraction of the riparian areas that once reached into every corner of Arizona. 95% have been destroyed or seriously altered from their former state.

FROM THE VERDE VALLEY REGIONAL LAND USE PLAN: Important Bird Areas Program (IBA)/Audubon Arizona – the IBA Program, a part of Audubon Arizona, involves citizens, landowners, land managers and biologists in an effort to protect sites “that provide essential habitat for one or more species of bird.” The Program is voluntary and scientifically based, with sites identified by the Arizona IBA Scientific Review Committee, composed of biologists and bird experts. Information provided by Audubon Arizona describes two IBA’s in the Verde Valley Region:

El Rojo Grande Ranch is on the Lower Oak Creek IBA –stretching from the Red Rock State Park to Page Springs Fish Hatchery, the creek corridor IBA contains species of “Continental and State Conservation Concern.” The year round flow of Lower Oak Creek “supports the broad species that accompany the convergence of the northern plateau with the rising arid desert lands from the south. The riparian corridor IBA is exceptional in two respects: it is a migration corridor ‘hot spot’ supporting exceptional land bird diversity and abundance in spring and fall migration; it is premier riparian habitat corridor supporting numerous riparian obligate species, many of which are species of conservation concern in Arizona.” Here is the link to this document. http://www.yavapai.us/…/34/VerdeValleyRegionalLandUsePlan.p…

Remember all land is not created equal, and all private land should not be zoned for affordable housing. It is the same argument that all private land should be only zoned for expensive mansions. It is reasonable that Yavapai County should look at the Guides and Neighborhood Visions to determine how the population wants the area to grow. Yavapai County asked for the RRRCA Plan (2013) to coincide with the Yavapai Comprehensive Plan ( 2012 ) – to be updated by the County in 2022. To see the Red Rock Rural Community Association (RRRCA) Guide go to the FACTS page.  ‎

El Rojo Grande Ranch is in the 89A Corridor within Community Boundaries

The RRRCA survey that describes the wishes of the neighboring properties (see above map) was something that the Development Department of the Yavapai County requested to add to their Comprehensive Plan and Yavapai County decided and chose the regions and the area of the county they wanted the citizen groups to define. The RRRCA section is made of three areas that include the area of 89A. Red Rock Loop Road, and the land to the west of Sedona up to Dry Creek Road. The county chooses when and on what to focus.

Credit: Ted Grussing photo below

El Rojo Grande Ranch is located on 89A, from Cottonwood into Sedona, before the Red Rock Loop Rock on your Right, you will see Sedona Shadows on your left.  The iconic red rock formation sits above El Rojo Grande Ranch – The Big Red

From Karin Reid Offield former owner and builder of El Rojo Grande Ranch

Dear Everyone,
Many of you have driven past El Rojo Grande Ranch at the western gateway to Sedona,  yet never have visited the Ranch. To you and all our friends, this letter and website is built to introduce you to the ranch and the land.

One question to ask Yavapai County is why a development of 600 Manufactured Homes  for 55 year plus residents is better for Yavapai County,  than leaving the ranch in it’s current zoning? It is a 720% increase in density.

A request for a PAD zoning is developers/ELS’s  “PRESENTATION OF A GREAT IDEA”.  In creating this PAD,  the developer drew sketches of as many cement home pads that they could fit onto the acreage. (The manufactured homes are also manufactured entirely by the buyer/developer/ELS. ) The amazing ranch buildings would be “repurposed”.  The entire ranch cluster of buildings sits in and on the riparian river corridor that winds thru the 172 acres.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: The next photograph shows the ELS  fully developed 172 acres of land, with the roads, sidewalks,  home pads, guest parking areas and RV sites. ELS states that 46% of the land will be protected open space, but this map illustrates that the only land not covered will be steep cliffs and flood plain beaches.

The exceptional buildings of El Rojo Grande Ranch
The exceptional buildings of El Rojo Grande Ranch

The formation of rocks is unique and rare – and the land is where Indian artifacts are found every where you look.

It’s important to know that once the change of zoning into a PAD is  approved by this upcoming vote by commissioners and Board of Supervisors, the decision of what was presented to the Commissioners  does not protect the lands or the original PAD plan earnestly. PAD’s are easy for the developer to make changes, actual big changes without public review. See FACTS for more information on PAD’s

The winners in this Planned Area Development (PAD) if the rezoning is allowed appear to me to be the buyer/developer and Yavapai County (property taxes), not the neighbors, the visitors to Sedona, the employees or the residents of the area.  The folks left with the challenges created (and no additional funding) will be the residents of Sedona. This visual change of this development to the entrance of Sedona will change West Sedona forever.

Tell Yavapai that we deserve better protection from sprawl, manufactured homes, a parking lot for shuttles, and a sewer treatment building  on the historic Dry Creek Scenic Road at the Western Gateway to Sedona. Please tell Yavapai County you are opposed to a change of zoning.  

Yavapai County will listen to all the public comments.    Please write a letter but do not dwell yet on the subjects of sewer, water or traffic issues specifically, as these are other Arizona Departments that are in charge of these matters. Yavapai County needs other regulatory reasons why this development does not fit in the County.

CLARIFICATION: A statement that needs to be further clarified is that the County does not take into account: Water, Sewer, and Traffic situations.  Randy Garrison, our County Supervisor said,  ”That is mostly true, although they are part of the discussion and of great interest to our communities. The State is in charge of Water, and therefore under the purview of Arizona Department of Water Resources. The Department of Transportation is in charge of traffic in this case since the roads within this proposed development are private and the primary road that accesses this development belongs to the State of Arizona, Highway 89A.  And finally Sewer is under the control of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. As long as those entities are satisfied with the programs or infrastructure being proposed by the developer than the County will not rely on those issues to either accept or deny an application.” 

This website was specifically created to help save this remarkable, but forgotten, gem of Sedona, El Rojo Grande Ranch. As a visitor to Sedona, now, in the past or in the future or a visitor on the world wide web, or a citizen of Arizona –  you can help save the lands and ensure the ranch is preserved as part of the future of Sedona.

This website will take you on a tour of the Ranch, to see for yourself why it is so important for the Sedona Communityto rally around the Ranch, as environmental stewards, and to block a zoning change.

 A change in the zoning  will allow the developer to bulldoze its ancient landscape, ruin an important riparian corridor, evict and destroy its rich wildlife, crush and bury forever its’ Indian artifacts and leave it as a scarred example of development that values profit over the preservation and forgoes conservation,  of the treasure that is El Rojo Grande Ranch. *See The Future Visionof ERG page

We are urgently asking for your immediate help to rally community support to block this PAD re-zoning, which will replace this priceless scenic wonder with a massive ocean of roofs.

*see How to Help page on your left  http://elrojograndesedona.com/how-to-help/


The fragile lands of El Rojo Grande Ranch will be harmed forever.   In addition to that tragedy, ELS will cause huge amounts of surface runoff from their asphalt pavement into and onto the riparian habitats.The open space they want to “save” will be ruined.* The sewer treatment system has recently been moved up from the river bed to the 89A area. No approvals have yet been given to the Developer, as they need first a CHANGE OF ZONING.  Please tell Yavapai County you are opposed to a change of zoning.  

The wildlife and bird riparian habitats on El Rojo Grande Ranch will be bulldozed.   ELS has yet to propose a method for disposal of all that waste, contaminate.  The Red Wall Limestone aquifer supplies water to Page Springs and its surrounding communities. Environmentally protection of the Wildlife and Riparian Corridor is paramount.   *See Water and Land page on your left Tabs

Thanks to its past owners, most of the Ranch’s 173 acres are in the same pristine condition that early settlers in the Sedona area found it. It is still covered with ancient juniper trees, some of which are 200 years old – trees that were growing before the white man ever came into the Sedona area. It is truly a “step back in time”. Sadly, the beauty of the Ranch has been largely forgotten by those in the surrounding community.*see Plants, Birds, Butterflies Categories Pages on your left Tab

We invite you into this website www.elrojogradesedona.com to enjoy the photographs of its marvelous park, the wedding sites, all the  community gathering spots, and its equestrian facilities which were built on the 173 acres for the public to enjoy by riding on its beautiful acreage, and onto the beautiful Forest Service land that surrounds it. 

We invite you to read about the hundreds of species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and plants that call its red rock and riparian habitat their home.  You will learn about the watershed; the great riparian corridor;  and the highway of birds in Northern Arizona which are  currently under great stress, and in danger of being lost if the land is developed.   *See the Facts and Categories pages on your left Tabs

To save the Ranch and the Ranch lands we must first make people in the Sedona area and all neighboring communities and our global friends aware of its existence, its beauty, and its potential contribution to Sedona, as a marvelous blessing for future of our residents and visitors to Sedona and the Northern Arizona region where Old West Dreams live on.  *See The Future Vision of ERG page on your left

El Rojo Grande Ranch was built to be a horse and cattle ranch. It was, nearly 26 years ago, built as a working ranch surrounded on three sides by United States Forest Service lands – spectacular and welcoming to visitors from around the world.  Please help us protect this land, and not allow an ugly and inappropriate development to proceed. No manufactured homes and no segregated 55 and older communities.

Please write a letter to Yavapai County, and say “Please do not change the current zoning.  We oppose a manufactured / RV Park development to proceed.” *See How to Help page on your left

Please do not allow El Rojo Grande Ranch to become a symbol of what unrestrained development can do in our internationally known center of natural beauty. By allowing this microcosm of Sedona to be bulldozed and turned into a sprawling ocean of manufactured homes, at the entrance to Sedona, we will be showing the entire world that our values for conservation and sustainability are only words – devoid of actions.

The sellers have said themselves that this Ranch is magical!  The International Sotheby’s has described this Ranch as pristine and magical! Let’s not let its magic be destroyed by bulldozers, and replaced by this sea of home roofs. Please make this happen, and support – NO CHANGE IN ZONING! Write a letter today! 

Thank you!  Karin Reid Offield   Former Owner/Builder 

Here is my first letter.  KO Letter to Yavapai.  

and here is my last letter.  ERG K.Offield 1.4.19 letter to YC

For contact  with submissions, questions, corrections, please email me: elrojogranderanchinsedona@gmail.com